Comedy! The Gameshow, Joel Byars at Laughing Skull Lounge

Admission is $15 Online or In Person

Limited Seating Available; Secure your seats by purchasing online.

Hilarious Gameshow Experience | All about COMEDY | Saturday 5PM | Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown

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Presented by the Hot Breath! Comedy Network, Comedy! The Game Show is part comedy show, part game show, and complete fun for all live podcast.

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Comedian host Joel Byars guides three comedian contestants through this one of a kind game show where the points are jokes and the judges are the audience. You can also win with audience sponsor giveaways and contests happening throughout the night! We’re bringing back the classic game show for the modern comedy fan. We hope to see you there!

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The Art of Comedy | When it comes to Atlanta Comedy Clubs... SIZE MATTERS! We are the smallest full-time comedy venue in the WORLD and located right here in Atlanta! Yes, that is correct... if you can find a full-time comedy club with less than 74 seats, we will give you a prize! What is that prize? We do not know because we dont think you can find one!

How does this size benefit you? Because stand-up comedy is a personal art form best enjoyed in an intimate setting, and you can not get any more intimate than Atlanta's Laughing Skull Lounge! Our lounge is only 22' wide and 32' long with three rows of stadium seating in the back which means there really isn't a bad seat in the house.

Plus we are Atlanta's only full-time progressive comedy lounge, located in Midtown Atlanta in the heart of Atlanta's Midtown Mile, hidden in the back of The Vortex Bar & Grill on Peachtree Street. This intimate setting, along with these amazing comedians, gives you a comedy experience that you can not find any where else... period! And you can come early or stay late to eat at one of Atlanta's best restaurants... The Vortex has won best burger in Atlanta since 1992 and was recently on The Travel Channel's "Man vs Food" for their triple by-pass burger.

Please be aware that The Laughing Skull Lounge is not like most comedy clubs as we do not sell food during the show, all shows are no-smoking, and our main focus is on showcasing stand-up comedy as an art form to the people of Atlanta. The best way to explain the difference between us and all other comedy clubs is that most comedy clubs focus on playing Top 40, while we focus on playing Jazz.

So if you are in Atlanta and want to experience stand-up comedy in one of Atlanta's coolest venues, get your tix now! And then you can experience for yourself how Atlanta's Laughing Skull Lounge is different from all the other comedy clubs.




There are 52 total General Admission seats in the club, and you are GUARANTEED a seat just not location. General Admission occupies the middle, the side, and the back portion of the room. This includes the comfy bleacher seating that has a bar to set your drink on in the very back of the club. General Admission seats are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, and CANNOT BE RESERVED - even for large parties. For GA seating, we recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to any show time to ensure you get your pick of seats. Arriving closer to showtime will mean less options of seating. But… our room only holds 80 total so there’s not a bad seat in the house! General Admission seats can only be purchased on the main "event" page. See image below for reference. 


1 - We are located at 878 Peachtree St NE. inside the Vortex in Midtown. There's another Vortex in Little 5 Points. We are not there.
2 - Our club has a 2 drink minimum. This means when you come to the club you purchase 2 drinks while you're there. This applies to all customers, and drinks include soda and water. Please see our MENU for options.
3 - For refunds or transfers please see policy below.
4 - We recommend every guest arrive 30 minutes prior to show time to be able to get a drink, get settled in their seats, and avoid the line of people who are also running late. If you are late, we will hold your seats for up to 30 minutes after the start of the show. After that they are not guaranteed.
5 - We DO NOT serve food in the club. If you want to grub, please do so before OR after the show. We're attached to a sweet little restaurant that can accommodate any and all hunger needs.
6 - There's NO SMOKING in the club. This includes vape pens, e-cigs, or any other computerized form of smoking that has been dreamed up.
7 - Because of the volume of requests, we DO NOT do any special birthday (or other events) shout outs, etc., People celebrate their bdays with us often and on many nights we'll have a few people turning the dial on the old age gauge. We only have 90 minutes to entertain the hell out of you so to take time out of every show for shout out would be too hard. We promise we wish you the happiest of birthdays though.
8 - If you've lost / left something in the club, please call (404)875-1667. This is the number to the Vortex Restaurant. They CANNOT help you with any Laughing Skull related questions, but do handle Lost and Found.
9 - Shows run approximately 90 minutes in length.
10 - We DO NOT sell tickets over the phone. Please use the website for any and all purchases.

Refund & Transfer Policy
 - All refund or transfer requests MUST BE sent to; We DO NOT process either of the aforementioned inquiries over the phone.
 - Refunds can be processed, but will only include Ticket Price & Tax.
 - Refunds and Transfers MUST be requested 4 hours prior to the start of showtime. Requests made within 4 hours (or less) of showtime can be transferred to another guest (friend, family, etc.,), by emailing the names of the individuals to, but will NOT be eligible for either a Transfer OR Refund.
 - A $2 per ticket fee is associated with every Transfer to be paid IN CASH night of the show upon check in.

Admission Requirements | ALL SHOWS ARE 21 AND OVER ONLY | Every patron will be required to present proper identification to access The Vortex and the Laughing Skull Lounge. No ID = No entry. It’s just that simple.IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: When checking identification, we will only accept IDs that are acceptable under Georgia State law. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 3-3-23(d), proper identification means any document issued by a governmental agency containing a description of the person, such person’s photograph, or both, and giving such person’s date of birth and includes, without being limited to, a passport, military identification card, driver’s license, or an identification card authorized under O.G.G.A. 40-5-100 through 40-5-104. | Unacceptable Identification:• Any document that does not meet the IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS noted above.• Photocopied, Falsified, Altered or Expired ID.• Digital photos of ID on a Camera or Cellphone.• Library Cards, Membership Cards or Credit Cards.• Student ID Cards, Foreign or Domestic.• DUI Paperwork or other Traffic Citations.• Birth Certificates.• Gun Permits.• Notes from your Mom. Acceptable Identification:• Valid Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or ID Card issued by any U.S. State, U.S. Territory or the District of Columbia.• Valid Georgia Temporary Driver’s License.• Valid Drivers License or ID Card of any Nation.• Valid Passport of any Nation.• Valid U.S. Armed Forces ID Card.• Valid Merchant Marine/Coast Guard ID Card.